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Are you an online entrepreneur looking for more ways to drive quality traffic to your website?

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Over 20 Years' Experience

My name is Selma Mariudottir, and I have been working in web design for over 20 years! Not many people can say that they have been working in the online industry for as long as I have - since 20 years ago the industry was still in its infancy.

Over the last two decades everything from web design, to online marketing, and the role that the Internet plays in both our personal and professional lives has changed more times than I can count.

As a tenured online professional, I am dedicated to staying on top of the latest breaking trends. It is for this reason that I have created my online course “The Traffic Blueprint” - which is designed to help you drive more TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website!

In this course you will receive the step-by-step instruction you require to successfully increase the traffic to your website, and in turn continue to expand your online business.

Discover Your Favorite Methods

seoAs with anything in life, there is more than one way of achieving success, and the same can certainly be said when it comes to driving new traffic to your website! This is precisely why The Traffic Blueprint shares multitude of methods of generating targeted traffic. I suggest that you test them all - so that you can decide which ones work best for you. I certainly have my favorite methods, and I’m sure you will too.

The online video courses are divided in 2 sections:
- The first section highlights how to generate free ongoing traffic.
- The second section highlights how to generate paid short-term traffic.

There are benefits to both methods of generating traffic. For example, you may choose to invest in paid traffic when you have a new product launch - but turn to free traffic generation to create a steady flow of ongoing traffic designed to consistently build your daily impressions.

All the methods I share are tried-and-true methods that I have used to generate targeted traffic to my personal websites and my customers websites over the years.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Another reason I share multiple methods of driving targeted traffic to your niche website, is because it is always good to have options. Even if you have one method of generating new traffic that provides you with the success you desire, online traffic will always fluctuate.

This could be due to increased competition in your niche, or to the changing habits of your online target audience. I have even had colleagues need to temporarily freeze their social media accounts, meaning that that they are left with one less source of traffic until there site is once again active.

Not to mention - a method you have not yet tried, could be your best source of new traffic!

Whatever the reason may be, it is never wise to put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your strategies and tactics, so that you are not left scrambling when your preferred method begins to fall short.

Examples After Using The Traffic Blueprint

As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” Below are examples of the steady growth you can achieve once you apply the lessons learned in The Traffic Blueprint.

Site 1
Here you will find the analytics for page impressions from one of my websites over a 12 month period. For this website I used only free methods designed to generate long-term success. As you can see the traffic increased steadily each and every month - reaching its peak in March of 2015 with over 1 million impressions!


Site 2
In this second example you will see the impressive amount of “organic traffic” that one of my website has achieved. If you are new to online marketing, organic traffic is targeted traffic that comes directly from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Organic search results are the pages that populate when you type in a series of words or a question into your search engine of choice. For this site I have successfully achieved over 320 unique visitors each and every day - using an SEO method designed for long-term traffic generation.


Site 3
Last but certainly not least, here is an example that highlights the power of the “word of mouth method” of generating new traffic. A friend of mine reached out and asked me to assist in creating a secondary source of income. I set up a temporary service that sold products ranging from $7.99 to $39.99. I did not own the landing page, did not invest in advertising, and did not track new impressions. Instead, I relied on the power of the people to tell their friends and family about the service - then pass along the information to others. This unadvertised word of mouth method generated $2.341.61 over a 6 month period.


Quality Is Key

Best Web TrafficThere are a multitude of methods in which you can drive traffic to your website, but it is the quality of the traffic - and integrity of the traffic that matters most! Without quality traffic, your conversion will be low - and without integrity in you methods of driving your traffic to your website, you can damage your page rank.

With “The Traffic Blueprint” you can rest assured that the methods you utilize to drive TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website are - current, effective, and legitimate!

Placing Your Success In Your Own Hands

Web TrafficOnce you learn the methods shared in “The Traffic Blueprint”, you can continue to replicate the process of sending TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website - over and over again!

This allows you to take hold of your success, to maximize your success - and to build your online business.

Instead of wasting your time surfing the internet for new methods of driving traffic to your website - or wasting  your money paying someone else to drive traffic to you website - learn how to do it yourself!

A 10 step eBook covering 10 basic, yet highly effective, methods of generating new traffic. The method in this book are designed to be used alongside individual strategies you have to get your imagination running.  Now, you might recognize some of the methods and strategies; but, perhaps re-acquainting yourself with them might spark a new way of using them.

The Traffic Blueprint


Flipping BookFlipping Book. Download a FlippingBook version of the eBook for Windows and Mac. The flipping book allows you to print, zoom, and even “flip” the pages as though you are reading a standard book.

Flipping Book


Audio Book. Download the MP3s and listen to the training on your iPod or in the car, making it easy to listen and learn while on-the-go.


Video CourseVideo Course.  An online video course with an in-depth “How To” for all of the tactics you learn in the eBook and audio course - as well as additional ways of generating targeted traffic.  This video course contain hours of in depth traffic generation training and is updated regularly.


A 10 day Traffic Challenge designed to measure your level of understanding of the new knowledge you have gained.

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Here’s Everything You’ll Receive With Your Order Today:

A 10 step eBook covering 10 basic, yet highly effective, methods of generating new traffic.

A flipping book version of the eBook that is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

An online video course with an in-depth “How To” for all of the tactics you learn in the eBook and audio course - as well as additional ways of generating targeted traffic.

MP3 files for your iPod - making it easy to listen and learn while on-the-go.

A 10 day Traffic Challenge designed to measure your level of understanding of the new knowledge you have gained.

All audio and video files are narrated by voiceover professionals making the material easier to learn.


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The Traffic Blueprint

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